The fish seeds the plants and the plants clean the water of the fish tank


Perfect to understand how nature works


No soil to handle and no watering required


Inspired by nature, a perfect closed-loop ecosystem

Learning how nature works has never been so easy.

How does the vegetable aquarium garden by Citizenfarm works?

Ozarium operates thanks to aquaponics, the symbiotic relationship  between the vegetable and the animal worlds. It is a mini ecosystem that functions like a natural river :

Fish are fed and produce ammonia-rich waste, toxic for them.

Bacteria convert ammonia into nitrites, which are converted again into nitrates.

The water of the fish tank is pumped to the plants, so the plants absorb the nitrates they need for their growth : consequently, they clear the water of the fish tank.

Plus, the water gets oxygenated when moving. Oxygen is vital for the fish, the plants and the bacteria.

OZARIUM is therefore a great ecological and educational gift, that makes plants grow and that illustrates how nature works !

A fun and ecological gift

The advantages of having an OZARIUM

Water savings

Aquaponics for kids

Your kids ask how it works ? We can explain it for you, look.

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I’ve bought an OZARIUM because my children had always wanted a pet. With OZARIUM, I haven’t been disappointed, the installation is very simple and it’s nearly maintenance-free. All the family love it !
Sylvie, Loving mother
I use OZARIUM to make my pupils discover how nature works, in a fun way. Attracting their attention on a subject has never been so easy, they are in awe of the fish. Really perfect!
Christine, Mother and teacher

An ecological gift for 79€ only !